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Mountain Gorilla Tours in Uganda, Rwanda & Congo

Gorilla Trekking is an incredible experience – trekking in the jungles of Africa’s most spectacular forests combined with the wonderful experience of meeting the majesty of nature’s most amazing creatures that last in your memories for a lifetime. Mountain Gorilla Tours offers the premier gorilla trekking experience in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. We specialise in organizing gorilla trekking safaris and wildlife tours in East Africa. All our tours are guided by experienced safari guides who will show you around East Africa’s amzing hotspots for gorilla tracking and wildlife game viewing. Your gorilla trekking trip is available at an affordable price and can start at any date all year long. Not only that, but when you go with us, you are guaranteed a good time with our legendary gorilla spotting guaranteed. If you don’t see a gorilla on your gorilla trip, you can join us for free on another tour! Bring your camera as our adventure-filled trips provide ideal photo opportunities!

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Go Gorilla Trekking – Why Trek the Gorillas with Us?

Our Tour Guides – All our tour guides have experience in guiding tours in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo

Value – We give you more – just look at our itineraries and our prices

Conservation Support – a portion of our fees goes to Community Based Organizations (CBOs)

We Offer A Variety Of Uganda Tours

In addition to gorilla trekking tours, we offer additional tours to travelers interested in exploring Uganda or Rwanda. Each adventure tour offers a unique, up-close-and-personal view of this spectacular wildlife in Uganda and Rwanda.

Looking for a Customized Tour?

Planing your private gorilla tour is our pride. We offer customised gorilla watching tours guided by experienced safari guides and drivers. Whether you would prefer a private trip for yourself or for your family, we have great offers that will meet your needs. Are you interested in gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, or wildlife safaris through various parks in Uganda? We will be glad to create a memorable private safari that will meet your needs and desires.

effort for every customer we get. Thats how we roll!
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